The comparisons of related historic houses

1, DePeyster Mansion, Manhattan NY

It was a rebuild in1756 by Abraham DePeyster Jr. of the famous mansion built by his father in 1695, his son Jacobus (James) DePeyster inherited the house in 1767, Jacobus declared bankruptcy and sold the house to his relative Henry White in 1769. The loyalist’s mansion was forfeited and used as the Governor’s Mansion after 1783. It was destroyed in 1856.

2, Abraham DePeyster House, Beacon NY

Dated around 1743 on National Park historic houses survey, the house was part of a sale in 1743 between Madam Brett and Abraham DePeyster Jr., a nephew of her. The Dutch Colonial house was built long before 1743 by Madam Brett for her stepsister Maria Van Baal who married to Isaac DePeyster, an uncle of Abraham DePeyster Jr.. In 1763, Henry Schenck married Madam Brett's granddaughter Hannah Brett and bought 300 acres bordering this house from Hannah's brother Theodorus. In 1769 he took over the gristmill and this house from Abraham Depeyster's heir Jacobus. During the Revolutionary War, Henry Schenck served as a major in charge of wheat and flour supply. He and Hannah entertained General Washington in the house. In 1867 the historic house was targeted, compromised by train tracks installed nearby, destroyed in 1954.

3, The Schuyler house, Saratoga NY

It was the country home of Philip Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton’s father in Law, a nephew of Abraham DePeyster, where he operated his large faming and milling business in Saratoga, it’s a rebuilt in 1777 after the original house was burned by British army.

4, Jabeze Campfield House( Schuyler-Hamilton House), Morristown NJ

It was the house where Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler courted and engaged in 1780. the Georgian colonial house was a country doctor’s house built in 1760. The person had arranged this engagement event was the wife of Dr. Cochran, the Surgeon General of Washington’s army, who was stationing in the house during the winter of 1779-1780. Mrs. Cochran was Philip Schuyler’s sister, Elizabeth’s aunt.

5, Chrystie House, Beacon NY

It was originally built on the location of today’s Denning’s Point State Park parking lot. The Georgian Colonial was renovated in 1820,
and relocated in 1927, restored between 2007and 2010.
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